Induction Cooker -SpareParts

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As  a manufacturer supplier and importer of induction cooker since 2003,we also have all induction cooker spare parts readily available. We make sure that we have more than enough spare parts for our all models of induction cookers so that we can easily support our distributor and end consumers at any point of time.

We even have spare-parts for induction cooker model which is 10 year old.So don,t worry,we can support spareparts at any point of time.

The induction cooktop  spareparts we keep and always available in stock for support for all our models (old models also) is as follows:

1. Main PCB Board

2. Control Switch Panel

3. Pure Copper Induction Coil

4. A-Grade High Strength German Crystal Top Plates-All size available

5.Induction cooker Top & Bottom Body available

6. Induction cooker various resistor,capacitors,diode,transistors,fuse, screws ,Sensors available

7. Induction Cooker Main power chord 1.5 m length

8. Induction Cooker Siemens IGBT ,Rectifier, Original BM Power capacitors

9. Induction Cooker Brushless and noiseless fan

10.Silicon paste for fixing Top plate

11. Ic-chip(programmed chip for all our models)

The above components are always available with us to support our distributor and end consumers.We supply induction cooker in our NICECOOK brand all over India with 2 year warranty.

Service and repair Of all brands of  induction cookers in India .

We also do service for  all type and all brands of induction cooker at No-5,Ramanathan Street,T.nagar, chennai -600017 office .Local residents of chennai can bring any type or any brand of induction cookers for service and we can do service in just 30 minutes and at reasonable price.100% satisfaction guranteed.