Induction Cooker-Service

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Induction Cooker Service !!! Don't Worry

1.Induction Cooker Service- For General Walk-in Customer at Chennai Office.

We do all brand Induction cooker Service at reasonable cost.We use original A-Grade and durable spare parts only. We have all Induction Cooker spare parts readily available .We can do service any type or any brand make induction cooker Stoves available in India.

For  Induction cooker Service at Chennai Office you can call at 9840070099 and come between 9am-4pm. Please bring your any type and any brand make induction cooker , we can service it in 30~45 minutes and give you immediately. We charge reasonably.No warranty is aplicable for induction cooker service . But you will be 100 % satisfied.

2. Induction Cooker Service Support For all Our Distributors In India:

We give all service Support to our distributor all over India since 2003.

For Distributors we send extra Induction Cooker spare-parts while sending the goods to them. They need not worry about service. They can just change the defective mother board with new motherboard in 2-3 minute time and can give the Induction cooker to their customer , and then  send the defective-mother board to us by registered post parcel through post office. We service the defective mother pcb boards and  send it back immediately to the distributor. It's So Simple so  No Worry at all. You just look after sales and gain profit. we do service for you. We give you 2 years warranty.

For Service support:

Call Us : +91-9840070099

Email Us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.