About Us

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"NICECOOK" brand Induction Cooker was launched in year 2003.In those time very few people knew about induction cooktops. From starting ownwards we had manufacturing and importing hi-end quality induction cooktops for Indian kitchen. In starting days we promoted this induction cooker also called as induction stoves in India by our so many sales representative going door to door and demonstrating the product .

We  now at present manufactures ,imports and same time distribute Induction cookers stoves all over India.We also manufacture and do imports of Commercial induction cooker for hotels and tea shops and bufet use induction cooker.Even our some of our distributors exports our NICECOOK induction cooktops and cookware to Srilanka ,Bangladesh and South africa. We manufacture, imports  and distribute Induction Stove in the brand name"NiceCook", it's nice.......

Our Nicecook Brand Induction Cooker is famous for quality and durability with reasonable price. We also offer 2 years warranty to our end consumers.Our Induction Cooker uses GERMAN technology and japanese designs. In our nicecook brand induction cookers, we always use 100% quality components in manufacturing.All the spare-parts ued in our induction cooker is certified for quality and well tested for long hour operations.Nicecook induction cooker are very energy efficient and same times cooks very-very fast.We always use 100% pure copper coil and original siemens igbt in all our models ,even in our cheaper  models also.

We also see that the finish and look of the product is of International standards.The packing of the product is also of high quality so that no damages takes place in transit to the distributors. Also all spareparts are readily available to support our distributors.

Not only Induction Cooking Stove but we also manufacture or direct import other types of home appliances and consumer durables like : Induction Cooker,electric stove,stove,Rice pressure Cooker,Electric Rice Cooker water Purifier systems,Power savers,Security systems,Solar lantern,Washing ball,Ozone Generators,Currency Note counting Machine etc and other various kind of home - kitchen appliances.Our Efficiency , quality and finesse have set a benchmark for our competitors .

Our Mission
To bring the finest technology products and services to the customers, and to our exceptional partners.

We hold strong values in business and fully respect our customers, associates, manufacturers and community. our chain of business links creates an effective and timely decision-making process.

Service Support to Distributors

NICECOOK Induction stove brand is of very high quality. The components used in manufacturing is of very good quality,we have manufactured in such a way that it should be really always  nice cooking.........

There is very less chance that our induction stove will give you problem .But then also if in any case some problem arises, we will give all service support to distributor's need

We  have all Spare parts readily available with us,we can give you all service support . Distributor Please call us  for any question regarding Service. We will definitely have all solution for you.

Our Business

Our main business motto is to grow together

Our company believes that quality standards of products and services can be raised through teamwork, training and motivation.Our main focus is on offering outstanding quality products to our customers at reasonable price and sticking to timely delivery schedules.

We lay special emphasis on high standard of quality and keen precision. We see that  All our products are manufactured by following carefully laid down procedure and state-of-the-art process.

Quality control checks are conducted after every stage of manufacturing. Our focus is on providing quality products at reasonable prices and strict adherence to delivery schedule.

We employ highly competent, experienced and enthusiastic engineers who enable us to fulfills our promise of providing the highest quality of service and the best equipment with efficient after sales service.

 Our Strength

  1.  Highly experienced skilled and creative  engineers and Professionals.
  2.  Innovative and Useful home appliance product developement.
  3.  Using the latest and stable technology for R & D of our Products.
  4.  Creative and innovative sourcing strategies.
  5.  Producing Quality product at reasonable price is our main motto
  6.  Timely delivery support to our all distributors 
  7.  Enough Spare parts available for all our product range
  8.  Quality is our major strength

Who we are

We are pioneer in manufacturing, importing and distributing of all types of induction cooktops, induction cookwares , cooking appliances and other kitchen appliances.

We manufacture our products through our highly famous manufacturing partner's from all around the globe according to our specified quality and features required in Indian market and other countries demand.

Our brand "Nice Cook" induction cooker is famous and known everywhere for quality and best possible service on time.

We can manufacture and import as per the client specified requirement and demand in their own  specified brand.

We always manufacture by our ISO:9001-2000 certified manufacturing partners from all around the globe.

What We Manufacture:

Mainly we manufacture home-kitchen appliances and other variety of consumer durables .Most of the products related to cooking is manufactured in our own Brand  name that is  "Nice-Cook", it's nice.......

  1. Induction Cooktops (Residential purpose)
  2. Induction Stoves (Commercial purpose)
  3. Induction pressure Cooker.
  4. Electric Rice cooker
  5. Water purifier
  6. Water dispencer
  7. Hot and cold water dispencer
  8. DVD players
  9. Mixie grinder
  10. Electric Power Saver
  11. Ozone generator
  12. Washing ball for washing machine.