Quality Policy

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NiceCook Induction Cookers - Quality Policy

We are manufacturer supplier and importer of induction cooktop since 2003 and adhere strict quality policy.We never compromise in quality at any cost . Our NICECOOK induction cooker is famous for good quality and reasonable price.We love to make quality induction cooker with latest technology and latest feature.

Commitment to Quality:

When you are looking for Quality Induction Cookers, Induction Cookware, Induction Pressure Cookers and other Induction Cooking Products, you can buy our NICECOOK brand without hesitation. Customer satisfaction is important to our growth. We want our customers to check our quality, You will love it.

We never manufacture a product  or an induction cooker just for one time sale. We beleive in good customer satisfaction and we promise you 100% satisfaction. We also offer you 2 years of warranty worth for your money. After your warranty period of induction cooker ,we can do all service required at reasonable cost.We have all spareparts available to do service and repaire of induction cooker and other kitchen appliances.

You are most welcome to check our quality.

The components used in induction cooker is all A-grade quality. The top plate of NICECOOK induction is of A-grade high strength crystal. We use always pure copper induction coil which is big in size. We manufacture induction cooker in such a way that you enjoy cooking. Nicecook induction cooker cooks two times faster than LPG gas stoves. Same time its very energy efficient.
Also the look and finish of the Nicecook induction cooker is of international standards. W also manufacture quality induction cooker as per your requirement in your brand logo if quantity is high.

So no need to worry about quality.  We always manufacture good quality induction cooker.

Nicecook,it's nice........