FAQ'S About Induction Cookers

Induction Cooker is also called as induction stove widely in India.All the frequently asked questions regarding induction cooker is answered here. Still You have Anu Doubt In Your mind,Don't Hesitate In Asking Us.Call Us At +91-9840070099

  • What Type Of Utensils Or Cookwares Are Used In Induction Cooking.

    All Flat Bottom Utensils Made Of Iron Or Normal Steel Is Used On Induction Cooker. These Types Of Utensils And CookWares Are Readily Available Every Where In All Shops. Remember Buy Only Iron And stainless Steel Made Utensils . Dont Buy Utensils Made Of Copper Bottom,Aluminium,Pure 100% Steel, Hindalium etc. Dont Buy Expensive Aluminium Utensils With A Steel Perforated Patch At The Bottom,This is only induction frendly.These Types Of Utensils Are Not Very Enery Efficient.

    Want to know more about induction cooking utensil usage details, Click below

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  • In Induction Cooking,Only Steel & Iron Utensils Are Used,Why?

    Because Electro Magnetic Induction Principle Works In Normal Steel And Iron Metals Only.Induction Cookers Stoves Works On Electro- Magnetic Induction Principle.

    Want To Know More About Induction Cooker Working Principle?

    Induction Cooker - Technology and Working Principle


  • Is It Safe Cooking On Induction Cookers?

    Yes,Its Very Very Safe  Cooking On Induction Cookers ,Actually Its Safer Than LPG Gas Stove And Any Other  Cooking Stoves Or Cooking Technology Available Now . Cooking On Induction Cooker Is Very Easy And User Freindly, So Dont Worry, It's 100% Safe , Use Induction Cooker Without Any Fear.

  • How Much Electricity Consumption Is There In Induction Cooking?

    NiceCook Indcution Cookers Are Manufactured In Such A way That it Consumes Less Electricity And Same Time It should Cook Fast. Normally On An Average Nicecook Brand Induction CookTops Takes 1 Unit /Hr . Its highly economical and even Cheaper Than LPG Gas Stoves. Also Our Nicecook Induction Cooker Is optimesed To run in low input voltage  ~ 90V.

  • Is NiceCook Induction Cooker Runs In Low Voltage ~90V?

    Yes , All Our Nicecok Induction Cookers Are Optimesed to run In low Voltage ,Even on ~90V. Nicecook Induction Cooker all Models can run on Inverter (pure sine wave ~1 kv) Also. Since Our Induction Cooker Is Optimised for low Input Voltage ,It can be used in Areas Where Low Voltage Problem Is There. Useful For Rural Areas Also.

  • Main differences between induction cooking and other methods?

    There are so many Cooking methods applied for Cooking in daily life.Lets explain some of them here.

    In induction Cooking, induction Cooker generates alternating magnetic fields which are converted to heat in the base of the pot.

    Halogen cook-tops heat the cookware by means of infrared irradiation by using halogen bulbs.InfraRed Induction Cooker Uses Infrared Heating Coil To Heat The Utensils.

    Ceramic cook-tops are glass ceramic burners whose heat is generated by irradiation

    Lpg Gas Stove As We all know uses LPG to heat the vessel.

    1. LPG : every pan will work on gas cook-top, which is an efficient way to cook food. The only thing to be mindful of is the amount of heat that can come out from under the pan. This could make the handles hot or even there will be little wastage of energy comparing with induction cooking.

    2. Electric Heater: as like gas all cookware will work on this cook-top but the heavier pans with flatter bases will be more efficient. These electric cookers will consume more power comparing with induction cookers.

    3. Halogen Cook Tops: Although similar to ceramic this halogen hob uses a halogen heat lamp below the glass surface of the hob instead of a heating element. In this cook-top heavy base pans are best but also be careful that the base is not shiny as this will reflect heat back from the lamp reducing the efficiency. Most pans recommended to use on this cook-top even stainless steel ones have a Matt finish on the base for this reason.

    4. Induction Cookers: Similar in appearance to ceramic cook-top but uses a magnetic field to heat the pan rather than the surface of the hob. Induction cookers are very fast and efficient with the added safety feature that the induction hob remains cooler which in turns means fewer burnt on deposits. For induction cookers extra care is required in selecting your cookware as not all the pans will work on induction, especially the cookware made with aluminum but without an induction base and glass cookware. Cast iron cookware and cookware with enamel on steel or steel cookware are suitable for induction cooking. Other cookware such as aluminum, hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel can be made suitable for induction ready if they have a special base or disc fitted on cookware bottom.

  • Can We Cook All Type Of Foods On Induction Cooker?

    Nicecook Induction Cooker can be used for cooking all types of  food like veg /non-veg food. Same time on nicecook induction cooker north Indians can make Roti also. We have also incorporated a feature called Dosa/Chappati  for making Dosa and chappatis or Roti.Our all  induction cooktops are user freindly and made of high grade quality for long lasting

  • What are the advantages & benefits of Induction Cooking?

    If you are using induction Cooking ,you get so many benefit  and advantages which  are more than any means of cooking technology available  now.

    Induction cooking is twice faster than Lpg gas stoves, its 100% safe and energy efficient. No energy is wasted in Induction Cooking. Its very handy and portable .It's easy to carry anywhere  and when you need to cook ,just plug-in and start cooking.it keeps your kitchen cool because no heat or flame is generated outside.In kitchen even you can use fan also while cooking.

  • What are Safety Features In Nicecook Induction Cookers?

    In NiceCook Induction Cookers, all safety features are incorporated.It's 100% Safe technology and its highly energy efficient for cooking. You will enjoy cooking .

  • Differences between Nicecook Induction Cookers and Others?

    NiceCook Induction Cookers are manufactured since 2003 and is famous for quality and reasonable price

    Nicecook Induction Cooker is made of high quality component.The finish of the product is of international standards.We always beleive in quality first. We never compromise in quality.

    Nicecook Induction Cooker has all latest technology and latest features in all our induction cooker models.

    We always use pure copper coil , A-grade high strength german crystal plate, Abs Strong Body for durabilty and good components on The main PCB board.

    You Buy and You feel the quality difference.Also we offer 2 Years Warranty on all our induction cooker Models.