Induction Cooker - Efficiency

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Induction Cooker - Efficiency

Induction cookers, also called as Induction stoves are raising standards in the kitchen.

Now a days Induction cookers are getting popular as cooking with induction cookers is less expensive than traditional electric and gas cook-tops. According to the US Department of Energy, the efficiency of energy transfer for an induction cooker is 90%, versus 71% for a non-induction electrical unit, for an approximate 20% savings in energy for the same amount of heat transfer.

When the environment is taken into consideration, an induction cooker has zero effect on the environment. The overall efficiency from the induction energy source to the food is comparable to cooking with gas. Currently electricity generation efficiency from a coal or gas fired power plants (responsible for 80% of total electricity) is about 33%, and the energy lost during transmission is usually about 5%, therefore the overall source to food efficiency is 28%. While cooking using a gas burner has about 30% efficiency at the stove and the gas transmission loss is about 6%, leading to the overall efficiency for gas cooking over a range to be about 27.9%.

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