Induction Cooker Buying Guides

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If you're considering making an important purchase, why not take a look at one of our buying guides to see if we can help you find the best induction cooker that meets all of your needs. Induction cooker prices are mainly affected by product built-in quality and special features, but can also be influenced by certain induction hob types such as touch screen controls, size of the cook-top and brand value. Induction cooker models are enhanced by numerous features and energy-saving pre-set functions, so it's best to have an idea of what these features are, then you can decide what really matters to you when looking for an induction cooker.

Induction Cooker Buying Guides,how to buy a induction Cooktop?

Nowadays in India so many brands and models are available with different features and quality in induction cookers. For a buyer, its very difficult to understand the quality of an induction cooker, Generally a buyer in India always looks for a cheaper price induction cooktops,Also they want good quality induction cooker in cheap price which is really impossible.It's important to understand that cheap can't be always's very important to buy a good quality induction cooker at reasonable price to enjoy good and efficient cooking .

General quality factor to consider before buying a induction cooker.

1. Actual Wattage (not rated wattage):

Generally in market most  induction cookers are rated 2000w, but the real actual wattage may be very low as 900~1350w. You can understand only when you cook on it.Because of very low wattage you can't enjoy cooking quickly.Also it will not be very user freindly.The quality and finish of these induction cooktops  are really  very bad. The low wattage induction cooker uses ceramic plates or normal tempered glass top.If you fry oil ,the top glass gets crack immediately because of sudden heat generated in the oil and then vessel.This type of induction cooktops are not worth buying at all.

Our Nicecook Brand Uses 1850~1950(can be adjusted from 80w to 2200w) optimum wattage with very quick heating capabilities , Uses A-GRADE HIGH-STRENGTH  GERMAN CRYSTAL TOP PLATE.This is mentioned on the top plate it self. Good life and good Strength. Our Top plate can with stand upto 440 degree centigrade and will not break due to heat . The quality and finish of our induction cooktops are of very high standards.

2.The top Plate quality?very important:

If you need good quality induction cooker with good life ,see whether the top plate is A-GRADE GERMAN CRYSTAL PLATE,dont buy ceramic top plate induction cooker

Our  Nicecook induction cook tops uses only A-grade HIGH STRENGHT german crystal top plate. No compromise in quality even in lower end induction cookers models. We never make low quality induction cooktops since 2003.

3.The induction Coil Quality (Aluminium Or Copper claded Aluminium or Pure Copper Coil):

Generally low price induction cooker uses low wattage 900w~1350 wattage , ceramic/tempered glass top plate,small pcb board for low wattage,aluminium induction coil,plastic body and very less cooking functions on control panel with c-grade components used on pcb board. This type of induction cooker is available for Rs 1500~1600 in market.This type of induction cooker is not advisable to buy because it will not serve the purpose of cooking, Any power fluctuation will create immediate problem in these induction cooker . it will also not cook the way you want to cook.

Our Nicecook induction cooker uses only pure copper coil in all our models as standard. it's meant for long life.Always buy induction cooker with pure coper big coil with big pcb board,with original siemens igbt and with A-grade high strength german top crystal top plate.You can understand by seeing the product finish and heating capabilities by just boilng water on it.

4.The Induction Cooker Body Quality (Abs / plastic / plastic mixed abs body):

Low price induction cooker uses very low quality plastic body ,you can understand by seeing the finish of the product. This plastic body will develop cracks after 1-3months of time. you cannot put more weight on it because it can't resist more weight for normal 3-4 member  family also.

Always buy induction cooker with good quality high strenght body so that it can with stand more weight on it for good  cooking and durability. Our Nicecook Induction cooktops always  uses high class high strength body for long life for induction cooker. Our induction cooker can with stand good weight and sametime it stays for long life.

5.The main PCB Board:

Generally we suggest you to buy induction cooker with big PCB board with siemens igbt  written on the box.Please check  with the manufacturer whether they use siemens IGBT ,20 Amps or not.Never buy induction cooktop with small PCb Board.

Nicecook brand induction cooktops always uses Big pcb board with pure copper induction coil (big size coil). we  always use original siemens IGBT ,20 amps for long life and mre stability.In our all model we uses the same as a standard so that you get good quality induction cooktop.Our low price induction cooktop also uses the same above standard and contains 2 year warranty.

6. Quality of the Components Used in Main PCB Board:

The quality of the component used on the Pcb board is very important to have a trouble free long life and to resist power fluctuations. Low quality and low low cost  induction cookers cant use high quality components and thats why cheap quality induction cooktops you get for very chaep price. 

We suggest buy good quality induction cooktops from manufacturers who is manufacturing quality induction cooktops for long time. Ask 2 years of warranty from manufacturer. If the quality is good they will not hesitate in giving you 2 years warranty.

We in our Nicecook uses only A-grade good quality components in pcb boards for durability and can with stand power fluctuations. We uses always original components. Also we offer 2 years warranty on all our induction cooktops.

7.The Body size and the Top Plate size of The induction Cooker:

We suggest buy induction cooker with big size body . We say because if the body size is big ,the air circulation inside to cool the pcb is more efficient and thats why more life to induction cooker. Buy plate size atleast 270mm x 270mm, if more its more better and you can keep utensils with larger bottom also.

We have these standard for all our induction cooktops models described above

8.The finish of the product:

The finish of the product is very important to understand the manufacturer ability and quality  of a product.

We always make sure the product finish and look is of high standard so that anyone see our product using in your kitchen get attarcted and buy our Nicecook induction cooktops. We have our own designing team to design the look and feel of the product.

9.The warranty-1year or two year Warranty?:

Buy always induction cooktop with warranty. Ask manufacturer about spareparts like if top plate accidently get damage due to fall, whether they can service or not.

We make good quality induction cookers  and thats why we love to give you 2 yaers of warranty and post warranty also we can service your induction cooktops at reasonable charge. we have all spareparts readily available. Even 10years old model also we have spareparts in our warehouse.We have all the Top Plates available of our induction cookers.


To reduce the cost of manufacturing most manufacturer uses low quality IGBT, low quality RECTIFIER and low quality components. This type of induction cooker is very cheap and readily available in indian market.

Buy always induction cooker with Siemens igbt for long life.WE manufacture nicecook induction cooker with all A-grade quality for long life.Thats why we offer you 2 yaers warranty.

11.The IC -chip which regulates all operations:

Again quality matters

We in nicecook induction cookers uses imported quality ic-chip or samsung chip so that it last long ,because once the chip gone ,its very difficult  to replace the programmed chip unless not available in stock with the manufacturer. The chip is like a brain which does all cooking operation in induction cooktop. We have ic-chip spareparts available in our warehouse .

12.Whether the induction cooktop can operate in low voltage ~90v or not:

In India most of the rural areas or sometime in urban areas having low voltage problem. Some induction cooktop do not work in low voltage. Make sure you buy a induction cook top which can run on low voltage also.

Our nicecook induction cooker can run on low volage even at ~ 90v. Its very useful in areas where there is frequent voltage and power fluctuations and low voltage problems.

13.The temperature/power setting intervals:

While buying a induction cooktop make sure that temperature setting intervals are less, it is usefull while cooking. When you want slight increase - decrease in temperature to cook ,that time its very user frendly to regulate temperatures. Also see that the induction cooktop starts with less starting temperature by default when you on it.

We have made our induction cooker in such a way that when you start our nicecook induction cooker ,it starts with 60~ 80 degree centigrade and  can be adjusted upto 280 degree centigrade in 8 stages or 10 stages depending upon various model.

14.Cooking Functions availabe like ,

water,tea,milk,dosa,chappati,fry,stirfry,childlock,Timer,input volatage display,electric consumption display etc....available or not:

Make sure while buying induction cooker you have all required cooking functions on control panel. More Cooking functions available is good about manufacturer capabilities and ability to understand cooking needs.

We in nicecook induction cooker incorporates all maximum cooking functions in all our models.

15.Induction cooker with free gifts.

No body can give you something free as you know well. All free gift price is added in the buying cost . Free gift is given by some seller just to sell their low quality induction cooker and to get more profit margin. We recommend buy good quality induction cooker with out gift. Free gift like induction cooker vessels are available even for less price . All stainless steel and iron cookwares are suitable for induction cooker. Use full steel vessels for you induction cooktops for more efficient cooking. No special induction freindly cookware is required. Buy flat bottom stainless steel or iron made utensil readily available in all metal shop all over India.

Never buy induction presure cooker or cookware made of aluminium with steel patch at the bottom of the utensils. its not highly efficient  for induction cooker.Buy flat bottom stainless steel or iron made utensil readily available in all cookware shop all over India.

Last we say that you can judge what is good for you

More Knowlede about Induction Cooking:

Working Principle of a Induction Cookers,How Induction Cooking works, energy efficiency of Induction cookers?

Induction cooking technology is the latest,fastest and the most recent development in use of electrical energy to cook food. Induction cookers differs from traditional old electric cook-tops ,electric heaters ,electric coils and hot plates. Traditional electric hot plates use the principle of heat resistance to generate heat. In this process electric energy is used to heat the cook tops element through resistance first, and then this heat is transferred to the cooking utensil. This process is known as conduction.

Induction cooker use a magnetic field and eddy current  to heat up the vessel, which then heats the food while the induction cooker itself stays relatively cool, it does not heat the element inside the induction cooker. Heat is created and transfers directly to the cooking utensil  magnetically, and almost all of it stays confined to the cookware and the food inside it. Cooking with induction is the fastest cooking method and is just as controllable as a LP gas stove. Although induction cookers are in affordable price range, they tend to be the most energy efficient cookers sold today because of the decrease in cooking time. In an induction cooker the magnetic field thus created tends to generate heat inside the cooking utensil through a scientific process called magnetic hysteresis loss. This hysteresis loss takes place only in vessels and containers made of ferrous metals such as iron, steel, enamel coated steel or induction base cookware. 

Control Panel

The Control panel is the panel where you find all cooking options available in a induction cooker.When it comes to the best model for an induction cooker, you are provided with a number of options to choose between. The first consideration is cook-top controls, you have to choose the product depending upon the type of control panel you need. There are primarily three types of control panel available for Induction cookers: Touch sensor controls, Press button controls, Rotating Knob control. Some low quality touch controls may wear out more quickly than knobs, switches, or buttons. Some models have almost dozen different power settings, and pre-sets for such things as boiling water or keeping cooked food warm. Child-lock and automatically timed shut-off are also safety features you might want to consider when purchasing an induction cooker.

Multiple cooking zone Induction Hobs

Induction cookers may have 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 induction zones. Two coils are most common in Hong Kong and three are most common in Japan, but four is the most common in the US and Europe. Small stand-alone portable induction cookers are relatively inexpensive and which are popular in India. Your choice of whether to buy a built-in, portable or counter-top induction cooker will depend greatly on whether you are renting or own your home. When it comes to price, the most economical are counter-top model induction cookers and some portable model induction cookers. Prices for built-in induction cookers and higher-end, branded portable induction cookers are influenced by style and features in the cook-top.


  • Induction cooktops come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to know the size you need before shopping and to determine any additional features you prefer.
  • Induction cookers vary in element(Induction Coil) wattage, features like Indian menu, timer, and the number of heating elements.
  • Induction Coil with higher wattage create heat more quickly and can reach higher temperatures than lower wattage elements.
  • All induction models should have standard features such as cookware detection and multiple heat settings etc.

The various functions of an inductioncooker may be discussed below:

  • Automatic Cookware Detection: AS now days every body knows that induction cooker uses only stainless stell and iron made vessels.Other than stainless steel and iron made vessels cant be used on induction cooktops .You probably already have some suitable pans for induction cooking. Most of the induction cookers are able to recognize most types of induction suitable cookware. To test a cookware, place the cookware with some food to cook or with water on the heating area of your induction cooker (induction stove) and power-on the unit. If the display of your induction cooker remains unchanged your cookware is induction compatible. If the display of your induction cooker flashes on and off or some beep sound comes,your cookware can not be used with an induction cooker. You can also check induction compatibility of your cookware using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the base of your cookware then your cookware can be used on induction cooker. Removing the cookware from induction cooker immediately turns-off the induction heating in your cook-top, however cooling fan in the unit will run for a while to cool-down the internal electronics in an induction cooker. To completely turn-off the induction cooker you should press the 'Off' button in your induction cook-top.
  • Small item detection - safety feature: In some induction cooker models a small object such as a fork, spoon or a ring placed on the heating area of the induction cooker by itself is not detected as a pan. In such case the display on an induction cooker flashes and there will be no output power.
  • Child safety lock function: Some of the induction cook-top models are equipped with a child safety lock feature which locks the induction cook-top during the use, either when the induction cook-top is stopped for cleaning or during cooking. In this case any operations pre-set and underway in the induction cook-top will continue and the displayed settings remain active and all the function key's or settings will be 'locked', but for safety reasons only the "Power-Off" button will be usable.
  • function4:
  • function5:

There are special purpose heavy-duty Commercial Induction cookers as well.

Maximum Power of the cooktop:

Today's induction cookers have become much more efficient to operate, but in some of the portable unit induction cookers power level have become higher (2100W maximum). Some of the latest version induction cookers have relatively low maximum power level (power level of 1500W or 1700W maximum but these cook-top will provide almost same temperature output of a regular 2000W / 2100W powered cook-top) features or 'efficient heating in low power levels' options which can really save your energy bills. Please click here to view low power induction cookers in our store.

The major inductioncooker brands sold in India are:

  • Philips
  • NiceCook (iso 9001-2008 certified)
  • Havells
  • TCL
  • Bajaj
  • Prestige
  • Pigeon
  • Mr. Butler's
  • Crompton Greaves
  • Usha
  • Preethi
  • Butterfly
  • V-Guard
  • Morphy Richards

The approximate price for these inductioncooker brands in India ranges between 2000 Rupees to 6000 Rupees.

At , along with the wide selection of induction cookers, we also offer induction cookware and pressure cookers which will help you make your kitchen. Offering a variety of genuine, branded products at competitive prices, different payment options and quick delivery at your doorstep is our promise.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the most amazing range of induction cooking solutions and just buy it ,its so simple.